Saturday, September 21, 2013

Soccer, Dance, Carpool and Doctor

Hayes had her first day of dance for this year a few weeks ago. She is taking at a new place. So far she is loving it! I'm so glad. She was so excited for her 1st day! Taking ballet/tap and acro. I think so far acro is her favorite. The girl is all about flipping and rolling around!

 She is also playing soccer this fall on Sundays. Last weekend was her first practice/game. She was excited about her new gear! She loved warming up and doing all the exercises at the practice. But the excitement definitely waned as the game started. There are 8 games total, so we have 7 more to go. I hope we can make it and that her enthusiasm will pick up a bit! haha! We will see.

(you see those torn up blinds in the background? a direct result of the wild 2 yr old that lives here!)

1st day of carpool a couple of weeks ago...such a big deal to go through that carpool line for her. She loves it!

Playing doctor, one of their most favorite activities...they love when the other one gets hurt so they can be the doctor. Here Hayes fell in the driveway and Watson was so excited to go get the dr. kit and and check her out. They play this multiple times throughout the day with each other and us and their stuffed animals!

H-4 1/2 yrs.
W-2 1/2 yrs.

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