Wednesday, June 23, 2010

16 Month Accomplishments

This is why I love having this blog, so I can document the oh, so important milestones Hayes reaches such as these! She is almost 17 months (tomorrow) but these happened at 16 months so I want to remember them.

1. She can finally eat off her plate without throwing it down or flipping it over. This is a huge thing. I had no idea when they were supposed to be able to do this. She is probably really late doing this but I always just let her eat from her tray on her high chair until now. Go Hayes!

2. Eating from spoon and fork!! This is another thing I've been wondering/halfway stressing about. She could not do it for the longest time. Now all of a sudden she knows (sort of) how to hold it and feed herself. I'm really proud of this!!

3. She has finally transitioned from 2 naps a day to ONE LONG FANTASTIC NAP in the afternoons, like anywhere from 3-3 1/2 hours. I thought it would be such a long morning until 1 in the afternoon, but we've stayed so busy lately that she is soooo exhausted when she gets in her bed at 1. She loves it and I love it-much needed downtime for us both!!!

It seems like 15 months was an explosive age for her, like she could start understanding things we were telling her and started saying alot more words. At 16 months her favorite things to do are CLIMB, CLIMB, CLIMB anything and everything, play w/her puzzles, snap her legos together, and "pretend" to color-there's not a whole lot of color on the paper when she finishes but she likes to use every color! We can't wait to see what 17 months brings. Time is going by way, way, way too fast!


lindseykennedy said...

She is way too big Amy! I can't believe how big she is. I love those tiny little arms & legs. Give her a big kiss for me. We can't wait to see you on the 3rd!

Brandi Bartee said...

She is so cute! Enjoy every minute of this age because they do grow up way too fast.

Shireen said...

Way to go, Hayes!!! I am IMPRESSED at the spoon and fork eating! WOW! I haven't even considered that with Rhys! Hm... :)
And not flipping over the plate...we're not there yet! You are doing great, big girl! I know your mommy & daddy are so thankful!
Amy, you are doing a great work as Mommy! Really, you are. God is blessing your diligence, prayers and time with your little girl so evidently.
Yall keep enjoying this nice, HOT (yay!!!) summer!!! :)