Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cute Dresses

A couple of weeks ago we were in Walmart and I ran past the kids department and saw the CUTEST little toddler girl dresses. They had a bunch of different ones but I settled on one really cute pink and yellow flowery one. SO, SO cute and for only $5. Can't beat that!

Hayes wore it one day and it fit so cute and washed well. So I ordered a few more, and let me tell you that these are some cute fun little playdresses. We are big fans of casual dresses at our house. I prefer them to pants/shorts and tops anyday b/c it's one less thing to wash! They're only $5 each and a bunch of different styles and patterns and perfect for spring and summer. Too bad cute boy clothes do not exist for $5.

And just one pic of my little man too, b/c this is what he always looks like-smiling w/that huge soothie paci in his mouth. It's the only kind he likes.

Happy Thursday!

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