Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Blooms and Egg Hunt

This is the 2nd spring we have been in our house. Last year we only had one blooming azalea bush but the rest of the neighborhood was full of them. It was right outside Hayes' window so I was glad she could see them from her room. This year has been different. We have many more in bloom than we did last year. I am thinking it must be from our mild winter and last winter was freezing so I guess that's why we didn't have as many. Anyway aside from the azaleas I just noticed an entire huge hydrangea bush on the side of our house that is full of green hydrangeas. It is beautiful and has tons of flowers on it. The sad thing is we may have gotten a little round-up on it recently. I hope it will stay strong though and pull through!!

We went to a cute little peter rabbit 1st birthday party yesterday for our buddy William. The kids had fun hunting Easter eggs. Well not really Watson, he just enjoyed exploring and walking around. Hayes enjoyed the egg part and eating her treats and the cake and ice cream part. That girl is all about an egg hunt. I think it's time to get ours out and have some hunts at home. If only the pollen were not so bad. Too bad the runny noses and sneezing go right along with this pretty weather!

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