Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Fever

I was telling a friend the other day that right now we are at a good stage w/our kids-they are big enough to play and laugh and have fun together and they are both good sleepers. Hard to ask for more than that! I am very thankful for those things. It is so funny to watch them play all over the house. They move from one room to the next, sometimes by themselves and sometimes together. Hayes sometimes thinks she doesn't want Watson to play w/what she has (ie-not being a good sharer) but then she will call for him to come to her room in the next second b/c she wants to play with him. I'm thankful for their relationship they are building, even if it involves a few screams now and then. I can't believe they are now 1 and 3.

We had such a nice weekend. This weather is awesome! Saturday was Honey's 80th birthday party and just the best day ever. We were outside all day long. It was heaven on earth for Hayes and especially Watson. More on that later.

We took a quick trip to the zoo this afternoon to see some animals and soak up some more of the warmer weather. We didn't have long to stay before they closed so we pretty much ran through each exhibit at lightning speed!!

This was probably the 1st trip that Watson really noticed and watched all the animals and he was interested. Some were up so close so that was neat for him. You just don't see elephants and flamingos and zebras every day. The zoo being so close is just one of the things I love most about Birmingham.

If you can see W's legs in this pic you will see the leftovers of his hand foot and mouth virus last week (doesn't it sound like a barnyard disease?). At least that is what we think it was, our pediatrician seemed a little perplexed too when she saw it! We think he had some form of it, but not the normal kind w/ulcers. Just red bumps on his legs that was like chicken pox. Poor, poor baby. They did not bother him in the least thankfully, just me! But needless to say we have been home all week long. I am so glad to have that behind us!

What else? I am sure there are more things that have happened but it is almost bedtime. Oh yes 2 baby sprinkles for 2 good friends about to have their precious babies any day now, it was so much fun celebrating w/them!! And consignment sale shopping, one of my favorite things to do. We are now ready for spring and summer and for this new round of babies coming along any day now!! And excited for a girls trip that is in the works only 2 short weeks from now. I am terrible w/keeping up w/people now so it will be so fun to see these longtime friends and have un-interrupted time together. Thanks in advance to all the babies' daddies that we can all go. It will be SO much fun and I can't wait!!

Good night!

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