Thursday, March 1, 2012

Quality Time

This little guy has had no shortage of attention this week. He has had our complete, almost undivided attention since Sunday morning. This makes night #5 that Hayes has been in Dothan with grandparents. Yes, 5 nights. I don't think she's EVER been away that long from us. She did go to Dothan for a bit after Watson was born but I am not counting that because I don't even remember it. That was for sure a blurry time for me. This SEEMS like forever this time. Anyway she is having a grand time I know, getting spoiled and doing lots of fun things. Life is hopefully going to return to normal when she gets back on Saturday. I hope it won't be too shocking for her!

So one baby in particular has completely enjoyed his big sis being away. No tackling or getting put in headlocks (she is so rough w/him) and being able to play with any toy in total peace has been so fun for him. And I know he has loved having us all to himself. I think they just need that sometimes. We've done alot of reading and playing, Kids Gym and the park, and we visited Nathan at his office. Hayes and I do that sometimes (if I take W to MDO on Mondays), but Watson never gets to go, poor thing. He's just such a rascal to take anywhere really. It's a little too much to take both up there. I don't think Nathan wants us to come that bad anyway!

I did one tiny bit of re-decorating since she's been gone. Watson got a train table for his b'day and we decided to put it in his room and give the changing table/desk to Hayes since it goes w/her furniture. It's not a changing table at all but I've used it that way for the past 3 years. So we didn't have room for it in his room so sister now has a desk in her room. I look in her room and I can see her sitting at that desk doing her homework in 7th grade. But for now it will probably just be a place to color and make her beautiful sticker pictures she loves so much. I think it turned out pretty cute. Hope she likes it when she comes home!

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