Tuesday, August 30, 2011

6 months

Mr. W turned 6 months last week. Oh, how I love this sweet boy!!

He's a happy man (when mommy or daddy are close by) and LOVES to smile. I took these pics and got about 75 just like this, huge smiles every time. He looks like he's ready for some football right here!

He just started sitting up. The world is a new place for him now. He is super duper attached to his loveys now-monkey and bunnies. He sleeps with all 3.

He is a decent napper (3 a day) and has turned into a good nighttime sleeper, finally. It seems like it has taken him forever to learn. He has been covered in some prayers the past month for sleep, thank you faithful SS friends!

He is eating 4-5 times a day, mostly bottles now. My expectations with nursing this go-round were low, since I knew it would be more challenging having a 2 year old. But I made it to my 6 month short term goal, but wish I could have made it to 12 months just for the extra health benefits for both of us. He just wasn't getting quite enough at each feeding. I have to say bottles are EASY and he gets really FULL, which makes for a happy and content baby and mama. So I'm good with that! He likes his baby food-eats 2-3 jars a day.

He is starting MDO this month, 2 mornings a week! and will be in the bunny class like Hayes was. I love those teachers! The separation anxiety started at around 5 months, so this will be good for him. He has his 6 month check up tomorrow. I love to see how he changes with each visit.

Happy SIX months, big boy! You are precious to us!!


Susannah said...

Amy, I just can't believe that Watson is 6 months old already! He is so precious!!

Regan said...

What a sweet baby boy! I love his smiles. I am so sad that I haven't met him in person yet :(. Precious precious! Happy 6 months, sweet Watson!