Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Emma Kate's Party

Our sweet little friend Emma Kate just turned 2 and we went to her cute ladybug party last Saturday. Her mama, Kara, is one of my good old teacher friends from days at VHEW! They have a new baby boy at their house too, just like us. Kara just sent me these pics, I need one of the birthday girl though! I will say that I can't quite get the hang of managing 2 at parties (thank you Katie and Lois) plus taking pics at the same time. I will have to rely on others for their camera skills until my W gets a little bigger!

Hayes and Mary Carmen eating their cupcakes

Don't let this sweet, jolly face fool you-he's not always quite this happy, only if he can see his mama! Just ask his grandparents!!

Thanks for the pics, Kara. And HAPPY BDAY to sweet EK!! We love you little friend!

H-30 mos.
W-5 mos.

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Allisongrubbs said...

oh my goodness! Allie is the same way. This weekend while we were in Jackson she did not want anyone else holding her but her mama!