Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Big Girl Bed

Hayes decided this past Friday night that she would finally sleep in her big girl bed. It has been in her room since we moved into our new house, a good six months ago, but she has shown no interest. I don't think she actually ever even thought you were supposed to sleep in there, it's just where we lay clothes and change diapers!

We put the siderail up about 10 minutes before bedtime and she was super excited. She went right to sleep and in 4 nights has only gotten up once during the night and already fallen out once, yes through the rail. ??? I found her on the floor asleep during the night and the rail halfway off the bed. She's always been hard sleeper so she didn't even wake up.

Hayes at 2 1/2. How did my baby get this big?!

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Regan said...

Fell off the bed with a rail??? AND...slept through the entire thing?? Goodness. She MUST be a hard sleeper. I love the big girl bed. Very cute!