Sunday, January 24, 2010

Birthday Weekend in Pictures

Today is Hayes' actual birthday! I cannot believe my baby is 1 year old already! The time has flown by since the day she was born. I'm sure each year will go just this fast. It's been an amazing first year of her life for all 3 of us. Nathan and I have learned so much from her already. We are extremely grateful to the Lord for her sweet life that He has entrusted us with. We are more than blessed every day that we all 3 get to wake up to each other. I LOVE this girl with all my heart and it both thrills and saddens me to see how quickly she changes and grows! I know her baby days are quickly coming to an end. Her latest thing is that she will play all over the house, but then we'll hear her walk in her room and SLAM the door and play by herself. And she is ONE! What 1 year old is supposed to do that?!!! She likes to play in her room but really I am afraid this is a small glimpe of our future, but I was hoping that would be at least 15 years away!!

We have celebrated all weekend long, actually all month long:) but the past 2 1/2 days have been lots of fun for all of us. My mom, sister, and the girls came in town Friday night (we missed Cory and Carson-he had the flu:( We had a yummy dinner at Rossbridge thanks to Nana and then girls were super excited about swimming in the indoor pool. I think they all had a late night but we made it home around 9 so the b'day girl could rest up for her party the next morning.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early getting ready for the family birthday breakfast party at 10:30. We were hoping she could take a little nap before the party, but she was too excited to sleep. haha! And I'm sure she was wondering why we were making so much noise and not getting her up to get ready for her party! We had grandparents, aunts and uncles, and lots of cousins here to celebrate with us. It was a full house with lots of food and fellowship! Hayes did not know what to think about her little cake at first, but then she figured it out and ate ALOT of icing.

Hayes' big cousins...Holley, Mary Hannah, Alice, and Claire

More big cousins...Sara Grace, Davis, and Alex

Aunt Lindsey and little cousin Baker boy (3 months:)

Brent and Zoe

Cousins Elizabeth and Camilla (14 months:)

Lee, Sam, Robin w/Alex, and Clark

Pop Pop and Grandaddy

Ready to blow out her first candle...

Nana and Shug

Somehow I missed getting a pic of my cousins Leah and Ben!! Hayes' precious snowman dress was a gift from sweet Leah and was SO cute on her-thanks so much LEAH, we love it!!

Big day for a little girl! Last night we continued b'day festiviites w/some yummy mexican w/Shug and Grandaddy. Then this morning we woke up early on this rainy day, went to church, and then to eat a birthday lunch at Firehouse Subs-our favorite!! We're so thankful to ALL of our family who made the trip to Birmingham to celebrate w/our ONE year old birthday girl! It would not have been as special without every single person here!

Hope you all had a great weekend despite the rainy weather. And now it's afternoon nap time!


Suzanne Barfield said...

Amy, that is the cutest little party I have ever seeen! I know Hayes had such a good time!! I miss you! Hope to get our sweet girls together soon! Love you

Crazy Lady said...

cute cute birthday...great idea. i can't believe she is 1 and she's not even my kid!

Regan said...

What a sweet, sweet day! An entire year has passed by. Man, where has the time gone? What a cute party! Rebecca and Grant spent the night with us, so I got to hear all about it and how cute little Hayes was! Also, I went to high school with Elizabeth Watson! Small world! Anyways, I have enjoyed keeping up with your precious family through your blog this past year, and I look forward to many more!

The DeRieuxs said...

Happy Birthday, Hayes!! The birthday party was a huge success!! Ryan and I have enjoyed watching her grow so much this year!

Jessica said...

Hi Amy, I have been looking through your blog at your sweet little girl - its like I was watching her grow up over the last hour. You guys are a completely adorable family! I LOVED all of your decorations for Hayes' party - so girly and so unique!

The Cains said...

Happy belated Hayes!!! What a cute birthday party and birthday girl!! Amy, y'all did a great job. Hope year two is even better.

Tara said...

Happy Birthday Hayes! All of the decorations were so cute! Isn't it wonderful getting together with friends and family?! Hayes is absolutely adorable! Those eyes are so beautiful!

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