Friday, December 4, 2009

The rest of Thanksgiving

Hayes has pretty much decided that she likes walking now. She sort of does half and half. She will walk all the way across the room and then turn around and crawl all the way back to you. I was just standing in the kitchen and she just walked into the kitchen to find me. What a sight! It is so funny to watch her. So since she's now into the walking stage, she just got her first pairs of new shoes. She does not really like them on her feet yet, she tries so hard to pull them off. I think she'll get used to them though!

Here are a few more of pictures of our Thanksgiving time with family. LOTS of good food, family, friends, sweet babies and plenty of blessings to be thankful for.

And now it's on to Christmas! What usually takes me a good day or two to get our house decorated took me about 6 days off and on this year. I had to squeeze everything into naptime and after prissy pot's bedtime. But we are finally all decorated and now we have the whole month to enjoy it! I love it!!


Regan said...

Amy!! I miss you! Why have we not gotten together yet?? I love Miss Priss's pink shoes! Adorable. She and Knox are going to be teenagers before they actually meet! Please send Nathan our love! Oh, and maybe we should work on our hubbys so that we can be preggers again together?? :) Enjoy the holiday season with your little preciousness!

Shireen said...

Hey, Amy,
Hayes is SO adorable! Can you believe our babies are almost a whole YEAR old?!?!? I cannot believe it's been almost a year ago that we met at the nursing moms' group! :)
I know you're enjoying Hayes so much! So, did you finish last year's school year and did you go back this year?

The Henderson Family said...

I love tiny Hayes! And that she and Turner are friends!
I always say that he could eat her because he looks so big next to her!