Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Pictures

We had a great Thanksgiving week in Dothan. It was a long week and alot of fun to be with our families, but now we are soooo happy to be back home! It was very nice to have a long visit with everyone and I wish we could have those kind at least every month. The only sad part of the week was that Hayes had her 3rd ear infection, so she did not feel great and we woke up to her screaming every night (and still are.) No fun to be a sick baby w/hurting ears. But after several antibiotics that did not work, she had a nice shot this afternoon so we're praying for a peaceful night tonight with good sleep for everyone!
I have way too many pictures of our time in Dothan so I'm really having to pick and choose which ones to share. There are just so many and since this is our 'scrapbook' I do not want to leave any event out. So if you get tired of looking, just click away to another blog!

Visiting our Grandaddy at the hospital-he is doing a little better thankfully and leaving the hospital today to go to a rehab center

3 Elizabeth's

Girls Beach Trip

Mary Hannah's Thanksgiving Feast, she was a precious little Indian!

Playing with Carson

Visiting Nathan's mom's artroom at school

Ready for Thanksgiving!

I will have to post part 2 later. I hear a baby waking up! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It comes and goes way too fast. Cannot believe it's already time for Christmas!


Crazy Lady said...


Brandi Bartee said...

Cute pictures and I hope Hayes starts feeling better soon. It was fun to see you on Friday!

Susannah said...

I hope Hayes feels better soon! The last picture is adorable with Hayes and the dog! The beach trip looked fun too! :)

Regan said...

What sweet pictures! She is getting so big! I'm sorry that she isn't feeling well :(. I hope she turns a corner soon! Happy holidays to the Kennedys!

Tara said...

Great pics! I'm sorry sweet girl isn't feeling well! This is our 3rd (or maybe 4th..I think two were actually the same one though) ear infection. Once we got to the Rosephin shot with Brooks, it was time to get tubes. It makes a world of difference and you will have a much easier winter. I went the ENT doc two weeks ago demanding tubes and he wouldn't do it yet b/c she hasn't had enough of them AND they weren't severe enough..yet! UGH! So frustrating!! We'll be home from the 24th til Jan. 3rd so give us a call! We would love to get together and play! Oh yeah, and the Santa that came to my Dad's house is a professional Santa that does work in Dothan. He drinks coffee with my Dad in his McDonald's group in the mornings. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Ames, those pics are soooo cute! And thank goodness, I'm not in ANY of them! ;-) I laughed at the one of Hayes & Carson, thinking how it makes him so happy for her to touch him, even if she's poking him in the eye! Sweet Lil Cousins, Just Startin' Out! Fun times ahead! Glad the ear shots are workin'-KEEP GETTIN' WELL, HAYES! WE LOVE Y'ALL! Alyssa