Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Vacation Week

We got started early this year! Hayes and I came to Dothan last Friday to spend our Thanksgiving week in Dothan. A whole week plus a day and I'm sure we'll still leave feeling like we did not get to stay long enough. Nathan will be joining us on Wednesday and it really cannot come fast enough. We are loving spending time with our families but there is just no one like DADDY. I think he misses us too, but is probably really enjoying himself and all his free time before and after work, the tv to himself, a quiet, clean house, no diapers, etc. Well now that I wrote that it really sounds a little sad now that he's there by himself without us!

This past weekend we had a fun girls beach weekend with all of my high school friends (minus Katie-we missed you)-SO much fun to get together and reminisce. It was so great to see each other and amazing that everyone(even Jenny!!) could get there since everyone is spread out w/families, and to be able to work it out for husbands/grandparents to keep all the babies. These girls are longtime friends, 15 and 20+ years-so thankful for all of them. It was my 1st time spending the night away from Hayes-of course I missed her but we mainly talked about our little ones (11total) and looked at pictures so it was really like we were not away from them at all! No responsibility felt really fun and strange, but I love my responsibility more than anything and could NOT get back to her fast enough on Sunday. No pictures from the beach yet though b/c my camera cord is not here with me.

Dothan has already been busy, visiting friends, lunch at Mama Rosas, playing with our cousins, seeing cute little Indians at the 1st Pres thanksgiving feast, and today we visited our Shug's (Nathan's mom) art room at school. Tomorrow we get to pick up our sweet big cousin Carson from school and eat lunch and play. He and Hayes play so good together-he is very sweet to her. He called last week and asked if he could marry her-he is three! Our trips home are never relaxing. With both families here, we rarely have time to just sit around-it's usually go, go, go running from one place/event to the next (which I usually like, but it's harder with a baby!) But even in the busy-ness of being here-running around to stores, eating lunch out, trying to take a nap somewhere (thanks Alyssa!!), trying to see friends and extended family- it's still fun b/c we're with our FAMILY (plus Hayes has thankfully been flexible and taken some very good, long naps!)

I do have some pictures to share that I just got back from Hayes at 6 months. I can't believe how much she has already changed just from these pictures though! Tomorrow will be 10 months-that is super hard to believe. She is working on walking more and more every day. She takes anywhere from 5-10 steps but then falls down and decides to crawl-that's so much easier and faster of course!

Prayer Request: Our Grandaddy is in the hospital in Montgomery with pneumonia, several blood clots, and several other unpleasant things. Would you mind keeping him and my Grandmother (who is very confused) in your prayers? We would appreciate it very much.

Hope you all have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving with your family. We all have so much to be thankful for!
Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, His love endures forever. Psalm 100:5


lindseykennedy said...

Aw, Amy. We can't wait to be in Dothan tomorrow! I am going to eat that Hayes up. I LOVE that Carson asked if he could marry Hayes. How sweet is that??

Anonymous said...

Sweet Amy,
Hayesie girl is such a sweetie!!!!!
I am so happy you got to spend a fun weekend away with your girlfriends. That is so much fun!!!!


Crazy Lady said...

she is so pretty. the beach sounds fun, post pictures definitely!

Anonymous said...

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