Sunday, November 1, 2009

Family Time

This has been such a nice weekend! It's been fun and busy, and full of good quality time together. We made a short, unexpected trip to Dothan this past week (more on that later) which resulted in a longer weekend at home together and that is always nice. I love weekends (and weeknights:) at home with our family of 3. It's such a "complete" feeling and always lots of fun.

We started Friday night getting ready for the fall festival at our church. This is an annual event at Dawson and always so much fun! We've spent the last couple of years volunteering but this year we were able to take our little munchkin with us. Hayes was a flower this year for her 1st Halloween! She did great the 1st night keeping her hat on, but the 2nd night she was not having it. She let us know quickly that she would not be wearing the flower hat and that was okay. I'm just glad I dressed her up 2 nights so I could make sure to have lots of pictures! We met up w/our friends the Harpoles for some yummy dinner first and then braved it through the rain to get there. It was hectic but lots of fun to see everyone! Halloween night we hung out w/some sweet friends, ate chili and smores, and had a fun time. It was a fun 1st Halloween for our little flower!!

Our sweet friend, Jack!

Hayes had a great time people watching at the festival-lots going on there!! She was so tired by the end of the night.

I'm hoping she will adjust easily to the time change. For the past couple of days she has been sleeping late, which is not like her at all-like 7, 7:15 and even 8:15 when we were in Dothan. Tonight she was ready for supper and then bed SO early b/c of the time change. As long as she can sleep a little later that is okay with me, we will see. Hope you had a GREAT weekend with your family!!


Susannah said...

That sweet little flower! Precious! I know...the time change has messed all these babies up with their sleeping habits!

lindseykennedy said...

Well thats the cutest flower ive ever seen! you also need to frame that last picture!

Hicks Family said...

What a beauitful flower!! I am so glad that she is sleeping good - back to normal! How are her ears feeling? I'll call you later this week.

The Griffins said...

Hi Amy! I know your husband...went to school with him. YOur little peanut is so cute. Thanks for the advice. Do you stay at home now or do you still teach?

Christine and John Harpole said...

We had so much fun with y'all Friday night and can't wait to hang out again soon! :)