Thursday, November 5, 2009

Botanical Gardens

I am super sad that I never got around to taking any pumpkin pictures with Hayes. It seemed like every weekend or any free afternoon we had was either raining, or had just rained the day before, too cool outside, or Hayes was not feeling good. So no pumpkin pics for us this year. That is okay though because hopefully there will be next year for the pumpkin patch! So today we had a lunch date w/our friend Lindsay and her precious girl, Caroline. Lindsay is a sweet, loving, extremely friendly, encouraging, supportive, and super fun friend from college days. She is at home all day w/her baby and one thing I really love about her is that she is SO spontaneous! She's the friend you can call who says YES to everything you ask her to do and does so w/much enthusiasm! There are many things I love about her but that is just one thing. I wish you all knew Lindsay. Maybe you do if you went to Auburn? She's precious and a beautiful friend inside and out. Anyway we met for lunch at Zoe's and then took our girls to the botanical gardens. It was a beautiful day in Birmingham today, not too warm or too cool. We talked and strolled and had fun watching our babies take it all in. So here are our fall pictures, finally!! No pumpkins, but plenty of fall flowers!

Hayes with sweet friend, Caroline...such a cutie pie and the most beautiful blue eyes!


Susannah said...

How fun! Amy-I can't believe she's walking!! Glad you have someone who has a baby Hayes age!

Regan said...

I could just eat her up! SO cute...and SUCH A BIG GIRL!!!

The Nichols Family said... Hayes WALKING?? That's crazy!! WOW! :)

lindseykennedy said...

Aw, I love Lindsay too. I'm assuming you mean "Wedgeworth". Hayes is getting so big. Baker wants to see her soon!

Anonymous said...

Who needs fall pumpkins in the background when you're as cute as Hayes?! Oh, those are the BEST pics, Ames. Good work! She looks so happy in the pics. You and Nathan are to thank for that. Each and every smile on her cute little face screams that she is so happy with her "little life"! And wouldn't change a thing even if she could! Love y'all! Alyssa