Thursday, November 12, 2009

(Almost) Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

I had some serious food inspiration this week after reading Becky Tucker's blog about all her cooking in the kitchen this week. She made the Pioneer Woman's cinnamon roll recipe and when I read through it I was dying to try it for myself! The only downside for me is that it makes tons of rolls-like 50-100 and there is no way we have enough self control(or counter space) in this house to make, then freeze or give away that many without eating most of them ourselves. So I was at Publix earlier this week and found the Pillsbury Hot Roll Mix. You can make homemade rolls or cinnamon rolls from this mix. It already has the flour mixture and packet of yeast in the box.

So I woke up Wednesday morning about 6:30 and thought I would make the cinnamon rolls for breakfast and surely they would be ready by 7:15 or so. Well that was not the case. It turns out that the "from scratch" baking like the box claims is truly that. You mix up your dough, yeast, egg, water, etc. and then wait and wait. It needs to be refrigerated (like Becky said) so you can actually do something with the dough. Then once you roll it out with your rolling pin and put your cinnamon mixture on the dough, you roll it up, slice into rolls and then let it sit again to let it rise. So our morning breakfast turned into a morning project and we did not get to eat until 10:00. But, they were so worth it!! So you might need to do this on a morning when you have a few hours of free time!

Before Baking...

After baked and glazed...(and next time I would double the glaze recipe-just to have a little extra:)

The good thing is this recipe made 16 rolls. Eat them right out of the oven, while they are warm and soft! Also, this might be a seasonal baking item because it was on the end of the display shelf at Publix. I'm a frequent visitor to the baking aisle these days and have never seen it. You might want to grab a few boxes to stock up once you try them!

This picture doesn't have anything to do w/cinnamon rolls but Hayes wanted me to take her picture eating cornbread for the first time at lunch yesterday. Lunch date w/mommy and daddy at the Bluff park diner.


Crazy Lady said...

yummy! i've tried pioneer woman's rolls either. but yours look wonderful

Anonymous said...

Ames, those cinnamon rolls look AMAZINGLY delicious! I mean, "dangero-so!" as Carson would say! Gonna buy us some on my next trip to Winn Dixie! ;-) Can't wait to see y'all in a week! Love you all! Alyssa

Becky said...

yours did better than mine. of course, mine could be due to user error haha!! i'm gonna try to proof another pan overnight this time and see if the frozen ones rise better. if not...oh well. i'll be getting up the post today about how my red velvet minis came out!!

The DeRieuxs said...

Those cinnamon rolls look fabulous!! I'm going to have to try them. Ryan and I love the Bluff Park Diner...we ate there last night. We will have to take the girls there in a few months :)