Monday, December 14, 2009

Early Christmas Present

Our sweet little Hayesie Daisy is getting an early present tomorrow morning. Santa (at Children's South) is bringing her a set of tubes for her sweet little ears! We went today to meet w/the doctor and went ahead and scheduled her for tomorrow morning. She has way surpassed the '3 ear infections in 6 months rule' and has had about 5 infections in the past 2 months. Those little ears just cannot get well on their own. So, tomorrow morning when she is finished they say we will have a brand new baby, which makes me sad and happy altogether. I love her just the way she is, even if she's a little fussy at times b/c of those ears! But happy too because I know she will feel 100% better! She had a tympanogram (Tara I thought of you doing all that testing in the quiet room w/the steel doors!) and it showed mild hearing loss b/c of so much fluid that has built up. But that is nothing to worry about and it should be cleared up after the tubes are in. Also, she may have her adenoids removed if they look too large. Please say a little prayer for our baby girl if you're up at 6:15 Tuesday morning. We know she will be in great hands at Children's!

And all that pressure and drainage in her ears is really not holding her back too much (in the daytime at least.) She is on the go and ALL OVER the place. If I don't watch her for a second, she is out of the room, down the hall, and heading to the bathrooms trying to get into the toilet tissue baskets! She also has a love for the batteries in the pantry door.

This was at a fun music class we were invited to last week-SO cute and entertaining for the little ones-instruments, songs, dancing in circles, colored scarves, etc. ALOT of fun!! I think it is called Fiddlesticks Music.

Lastly with her big girl lunch, all finger foods. She is still eating a lot of baby food but is liking big people food more and more. I know she would eat almost all table food but I just need to get prepared and cook more things that she is able to pick up with her fingers. She is almost 11 months-so hard to believe she'll have her 1st birthday next month. I need to get busy!!

Hope you are enjoying the Christmas season with your family!!


Susannah said...

I will say a prayer for Hayes tomorrow! I know she will be FINE! We've gone to a class like that called fun! What is the theme for her 1st birthday? So many things to choose from.

lindseykennedy said...

Aww Amy. you didnt tell me! I will def say a prayer. I'll call you in a little while. sweet hayesie!

Tara said...

Sweet little Hayes. I'll be praying for her tomorrow. It will make her feel so much better!

I wanted to tell you about the Graduate meals. I pick up a few for AK every week. They've got spagetti, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, chicken and stars. I just take out the chicken chunks and everything else is easily swallowed. (carrots/noodles, etc.). And their usually about $1.00-1.50 each. And they also have cereal bars that AK eats up very quickly! You can find all of that in the baby section.
I can't believe she is about to be 1!! Time flies!

Crazy Lady said...

wow, when did she get so big! just darling. how time flies. I'm sure she will do great, my niece had it done as well. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

We'll remember Hayes in our bedtime prayers tonight! No worries, she's gonna be just fine! Holley, Mary Hannah and Carson were ALL very concerned when they heard she was having that done in the a.m.! Please call me as soon as you can after it's over! Love y'all!

Aunt Alyssa

Regan said...

Oh goodness! We will definitely say a prayer for you guys tonight, and I will be thinking about you tomorrow morning. Please keep us posted on everything!!! What a precious little sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Hayesie girl. I know Walker is right behind you in getting tubes.


The DeRieuxs said...

Time for the tubes...I know they will make Hayes feel better :) We will be praying for all 3 of you tomorrow morning. Let us know how it goes!!