Monday, October 17, 2011

October Happenings

It is naptime, which means the best time for posting a blog! Watson is into a good naptime routine which is so nice, and I'm hoping Hayes is working her way back into an afternoon nap routine. She stopped taking naps around June, and it makes for some looooooong afternoons some days. But, last week she unexpectedly took naps Sun-Thurs-that is FIVE days in a row people!! No naps over the weekend, but it's a new week and I hope she continues her streak this week!

Just a few things of importance around here that need to be documented...

Hayes' class had a picnic at the park a few weeks ago which was heaven on earth for her. Eating and playing outside go hand in hand in her world. Nathan joined us and it was fun!

Fall break with the cousins! We're so glad they chose to spend part of their week w/us last week. We LOVED having them here. They all 4 play so good together. I'm thankful for the good examples they are for Hayes and Watson. I wish we all lived in the same city.

We celebrated Mary Carmen's 3rd birthday over the weekend at the park. It was a precious owl party and her sweet mama did an awesome job!

Amy (MC's mom) made the cutest owl cupcakes/cake. This cupcake monster ate every last speck of sugar and candy on her plate!

And these are a few reasons why I miss my old teaching job (Dawn, Kara, Amy Mc. w/sweet Clara.) And the other 40 or so reasons are up the street at the school and one is in Mississippi!!

Last, Hayes went to her first princess birthday party this morning for her friend, Caroline B.'s 3rd b'day and got to dress up in the cutest little dress her Shug and Grandaddy gave her! The princess world and dressing up is all new for her, and really I don't think she cares that much about it -yet-and that is perfectly fine w/me! It was a sweet party-decorating wands, wings, picnic and cupcakes. Lots of cute fairy princesses fluttering around that house!

She looks so BIG to me. I can't believe she's getting closer to 3. And just to note, Hayes is already up and not napping, so it looks like the streak was just a tease last week.

Happy Monday!
Hayes-32 months

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Lindsey Jones said...

Sweet Hayes is getting so big. I love her princess dress! I think its funny that she isn't into it though. Can't wait to see yall!!