Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Crawling, standing and tricycle riding! The big man is now crawling all over the place at our house. It is so much fun for him to be able to get around and go where he wants to go. It is funny to watch. I think he prefers the rooms w/carpet over the hardwoods. I would too!

The last few days when we get him from his naps he is standing up in his crib crying for us. It's crazy how these new skills just pop up over night. He doesn't seem to need as much practice as Hayes did-sitting up, crawling, pulling up and standing all just happened pretty quickly. It may be that he has a few more lbs on him than she did at this point. So far they are tied w/crawling. Both started at 7 months. I'm not sure when she started standing. I need to go look in the baby book and see if it was written down. They are both growing waaaay too fast.

Another thing I need to document on here is the extreme separation anxiety Watson is having! He cannot handle it if he sees me or really anyone leave the room. He just completely melts down! The strange thing is this mainly happens in the kitchen, den or playroom. He is okay and happy if I leave him in his or Hayes' room. I am sure it's another phase he will outgrow like everything else. At least I know he loves his mama!

Hayes got a tricycle last Christmas, right before she turned 2. She is finally tall enough to reach the pedals and has learned to ride pretty well lately. We spend alot of time outside everyday now that it is cooler. We are LOVING the fall season!!
Here is a little video for the g'parents.

W-7 mos.
H-32 mos.

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