Sunday, October 9, 2011

Our Birthday Boy

We are celebrating our favorite man's bday at our house this weekend. Nathan is turning 34! We had a little celebration at lunch today. Hayes and Watson were surprised w/their Grandaddy coming to pick them up from their Sunday school rooms today. He came through Birmingham today on his way home from Tuscaloosa and met us for church and lunch for Nathan's birthday. What a fun treat!! He was solo today, Shug is having a big time on a trip way off somewhere! We missed her being here w/us. We ate lunch and then came home for ice cream dessert, Nathan's favorite. Our cousins and Aunt Alyssa are coming in town today for fall break so we have lots of birthday partying to do w/them this week (and hopefully a date night in there too somewhere.) Hayes is beside herself w/excitement to have her cousins coming to play and spend the night and has talked about them coming all week long!

That's alot of candles. I lost track counting so I'm not sure if it was 34 or not!

Happy Birthday, Nathan! You're so precious to this family and such an undeserved gift from the Lord in my life. I still can't believe he made you just for me (and for hayes and watson.) We love you lots!! Phill. 1:3

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Regan said...

What a sweet post. Happy Birthday, Nathan! You are one sweet husband and daddy!