Friday, March 18, 2011

Our Spring Break/Watson-3 weeks today!

Today Watson is 3 weeks old! This is the first week I have been on my own w/both Hayes and Watson, (we miss you Nana!) and it just happened to be spring break week for Hayes. So that meant nowhere for her to go, just a week at home w/me and the new baby. It really has been a good week considering I feel like we've been on house arrest. All week we have played inside and she's been a pretty good sport about it. On Wednesday she started saying "go somewhere" over and over. I felt bad for her. And yesterday she told Nathan she wanted to go to the doctor, which means she was wanting to get out of the house really bad! We have played outside in the late afternoons since the weather has warmed up, and today we went to the playground for her to play for a bit. The weather is too nice this weekend to stay in so we'll be heading outside when Nathan gets home today!!

I just gave this little boy a bath, and then we went outside to calm his fussy little self down, and in the sun his hair was as RED as it could be! So at 3 weeks I am documenting that we might have a red headed child! who knows it could change b/c it sure doesn't look like that when you glance at him, but in the bright light it was definitely red! I know some people who will love this!

He has just fallen into the feed/wake/sleep cycle pretty well over the past few days and has started eating on the hour every 3 hours, which makes his schedule predictable. I need that! Last night he slept in his own crib in his room and did great. I fed him at 8:30 for the last time and he slept until 2:30. Then he went every 3 hours after that. I felt like I was ready to get up for the day at 2:30. It was much needed sleep for me. He is still sleeping in his boppy pillow. I'm not sure why I started that the first night, but he loves it and seems super cozy in there!

Every day when Nathan gets home we are usually waiting for him outside. About a month ago when he drove up Hayes would jump in the car w/him at the end of the driveway and ride to the top of the driveway in the front seat.

She thinks she is so big doing this! It's a daily thing now. She has to get on her shoes and run out there so she won't miss him every day, and if she does miss him, she still runs out and they have to get back in the car and drive back down the driveway and then back up. I have no idea how long they will do this, I guess until Nathan gets tired of it and tells her No-haha-not happening!

Puzzles, books, blocks, Easter crafts, and Cedarmont Kids-we have not used our dvd player in about 3 months, but by Wednesday morning it was my saving grace for her. Spring breaks are very different these days!


She does too and has a hard time keeping her hands off him. We love having a little boy in the house!


Grandma "Jitta"!!!! (Judy Fill said...

Nat and Amy,
Just love reading your blogs - what a precious family - all your pictures are terrific - but the first one on this blog is priceless - Hayes just wants to get her hands on "little man"! So happy for y'all - enjoy, the years will fly by!!!

Anonymous said...

I love all these new pics, Amy! Love that J-Dub's hair is looking red in the sun....yay! But whatever color his hair turns out, he is just the CUTEST, most adorable little thing! We love him and Hayes so much, they're such treasures to H, MH and C. We look forward to our next visit, hope it's soon! Love ya, Alyssa

Regan said... know what I am loving the red in his hair! I think red headed boys are the cutest :). Love all the pics. However, i am going to need Hayes to slow down a bit. She is getting WAYYYY to big! Precious precious! Glad that you guys are settling in well...