Friday, March 4, 2011

Watson's 1st Week

If I don't start posting I am going to forget everything! The first week w/Watson home has been a good one. My mom is here so that is helping a ton. She's a good playmate for Hayes and we are very appreciative of all her cooking for us and her waiting on me-thank you NANA! I hope she doesn't get too tired of us. Plus, Nathan has been home all week from work and that's been so nice. He's taken Hayes to storytime twice and worked inside and outside and been a super husband and daddy. I cannot ask for more than that. Therefore, it's been nice having 3 on 2 for week 1!!
Next week my Mom will still be here so we'll be 2 on 2. Then the next week I'm on my own. Just me vs. the little ones. Then daily life will set in. I may not be posting anything that week!

Here are just a few pictures of some sweetness from week 1...

He's been sleeping in his boppy pillow in the cradle in our room. He seems pretty snug and content there. The sound machine helps us all. Hayes was an EXTREMELY noisy sleeper from day 1. I heard every breath and peep she made. Once he falls asleep we don't even know he's in our room anymore, YET! Once that happens he'll be moving solo to his own room!

Hayes loves her little brother. It took a few days for her to start noticing him. Now she wants to touch him, hug him, kiss him, smash his paci into his mouth, get his diapers, etc. She really is a good little helper. Then she runs away to play.

This morning we dropped Hayes off at school and then had his 1 week check up. He did great and only made a little peep when he got his little heel pricked. He's over his birthweight so I'm glad to know he's eating enough. 8 lbs 5 oz. today of precious baby. All I do is KISS, KISS, KISS all over him. I can't help it!

Hayes on the way to school when she realized Watson was going to be her new backseat playmate-SO happy!

Overall it's been a really good week. We give all the thanks to God for how He is taking care of us during this adjustment time. Nathan and I had a date night on Wednesday night to Chuy's thanks to Nana, and then I went to a sale yesterday all by myself-nice little breaks!! Those won't happen very often once all the good help goes home though so we're loving the extra hands!


lindseykennedy said...

So much cute packed into one post! His face is perfect. We love him so much!!

The DeRieux Family said...

These pictures are precious! I love the ones with Hayes loving on her little brother :)

The Cains said...

Love the joy on Hayes's face as she is holding him! So sweet!!! So glad this has been a good week. Super impressed with your blogging!!

Shireen said...

Hey, Amy!
I'm keeping up with everything via your blog, and I'm really really excited for you guys!!! I see LOTS of resemblance in Hayes and Watson!!!
SO thankful to read that you're all doing well and that you're getting some good help to begin this sweet season!
Love to all of you!
P.S. Enjoy having a BOY!!!!! :)