Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Babies

She is so crazy about him! It is so cute to hear the way she talks to him. "Good Morning, buddy. Hey buddy. Sweet boy. I love you Bud. Wake up Mr. Watson. Tickle Tickle! Hey Watson. I'm gonna get you! Hey brother. Hey sweet boy. Tickle Tickle." over and over!!

She is 26 months today. He will be 1 month tomorrow. I still can't believe God gave them both to us. I will cry if I think about it too long. Precious days to remember with them being this little and so sweet to each other...hope it will stay this way, at least for awhile!


Susannah said...

They are the sweetest things ever! I'm so glad she's smitten with him too!

Amanda said...

Those are the sweetest pictures!

The Cains said...

These are precious!!! I love how much she adores him. What a blessing indeed!! Catherine Ellis and baby girl 2 will also be almost 26 months apart!! Fun!!