Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Morning and the Weekend so far

The little man and I are home again together this morning all by ourselves. Nathan and Hayes are gone to church. They were ready way earlier than we normally are, and Nathan reminded me that they (as in only the 2 of them) have been early for the past 3 Sundays (obviously b/c I am not with them.) No fear about that though...I hope for us all 4 to be there next Sunday. I need and am ready to get back in our Sunday routine. I think Watson will be ready by next Sunday for a little praise and worship time and Sunday school, and hopefully we will be on time. We will see!!

We have had some fun outings this weekend for the 1st time as a fam of 4. Friday night we went to eat Mexican (at 4:45-our nights start early these days) and then to Homewood Park so Hayes could play. The weather has been beautiful all weekend, way too nice to be inside. So Watson had his 1st two trips to the playground both on Friday. He slept through both of them.

Saturday we went to Tip Top Grill-so yummy. Nathan and I used to go here nearly every Saturday for a long time, before Hayes was born. It was a perfect day to sit outside and our friends Jason and Emily and Hudson met us there. Watson and Hudson slept the whole time. Sweet little boys. Then we took a little trip to Star Lake to see the turtles, ducks and fish. We thought that would be just as entertaining for Hayes as the park, and it was. She kept saying "the ducks are hungry" over and over. It was fun for her to see them up close instead of in books or on the computer!

And Watson slept the whole time of course!


Crazy Lady said...

that is the cutest picture ever of watson looking at hayes in his crib. seriously.

you talking about being home alone with the baby on sundays is bringing back memories. with each baby i seem to enjoy that time more and now stay away from church for at least a month! my only time of peace and quiet! with luke i was there the first week back because i just needed to see adults! ha! how things change.

your little boy is just darling. hope you are getting rest, but sounds like you are doing two like a champ

lindseykennedy said...

Baby Watson has the cutest, sweetest face I've ever seen! I want to eat him up! Sweet boy. I'm glad ya'll are having fun as a family of 4!

Jessica said...

Those kids are just beautiful. You guys are so blessed!

tara said...

Hey Amy!

I got your comment and wanted to answer your questions. We are starting the 3 day pottytraining in two weekends since the kids are out for spring break and I am taking a few days off. You can go to to buy the e-book. It is $24. (or at least it was 3 years ago--not sure if the price went up). I do have a small potty and also a donut hole with step and handles to fit on the regular potty. It is good to use the small potty at first so you can see if they did anything in the potty. However after a couple of days, Brooks preferred the big potty. It may be difficult for you to do it with a newborn in the house because you literally need all of your attention on Hayes for 3 days NON-STOP. I am sending Brooks and Andrew to Dothan because even something as simple as Brooks asking for a cup of milk and me going to get it can throw things off. I have to be within 5 feet of Anna Kate for 3 days straight. It is pretty intense because you can't do anything else while they are awake for those days, but it gets the job done after it clicks with them. Brooks may have had 3 accidents the whole next year, and it trains them to tell YOU when they need to go so you don't have to constantly ask. Sorry for the long-winded answer. Hope it helps!! I love all of your pictures of Hayes and Watson! They are so precious.


Susannah said...

Amy, Watson is the CUTEST thing I have seen!! I could eat him up! :) Give me your email address and I will send you the 3 day potty training.