Friday, March 25, 2011

JWK-1 Month

Happy 1 Month, Watson!

Today you weigh 10 lbs and 8 oz

Wearing Size 1 diapers

Clothes-popping out of the NB clothes, 3 months are much more comfortable

Eating-ALOT every 3 hours during the day

Play-starting to stay awake a little longer after each feeding, thankfully that's just during the day. At night you go back to sleep quickly.

Sleeping- You nap great during the day if we are out and about in your carseat. Every now and then you will nap in the swing or your crib between feedings(not soundly though), so not loving the naps at home yet. We swaddle you tight at night in the miracle blanket (love that thing, sorry it's pink!) You go to bed around 8:30 and usually go 4-5 hour stretches-sometimes getting up once, sometimes twice to eat if you can't make it until morning. So far you win 1st place hands down over your sister for sleeping at night!

You have already had a busy month. Lots of outings already. I guess that is being the 2nd child, and every other child after that! You don't seem to mind though.

We look forward to seeing what month #2 brings for you. We love you sweet boy and are so thankful you are now a part of our family!

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Sweet! Sweet! Sweet!