Monday, September 26, 2011

7 Months

Our Watson man is 7 months old! Each month is going by quicker and quicker. And he's getting bigger and bigger and seems to have new tricks for us about every other day.

He is a pure mess! He is the biggest smiler, but then can all of a sudden do a complete 180 and get so mad! He is a mama's boy. If I walk away or he can't see me, he will scream his little head off. He is like a little ball of fire. His 2 bottom teeth are coming in-he's worked hard for those little things so I am proud for him. He is a complete drool monster. He laughs alot and likes to be tickled. He is a good sleeper-I can't believe I just wrote that-but he finally is! Sleeps b/t 12-13 hours each night. He takes about 2-3 naps still but times and lengths are all inconsistent.

He is just about to crawl any day now! He rocks on all 4's and moves all over the place to get what he wants. He grabs everything in his path. It's so fun to watch him and Hayes interact too. I think he is in love with her. He just dies laughing at her and is constantly looking around for her. They like to play in his room and her room together. And she is quite the little mama to him. He likes the camera. He is definitely happiest outside. He's a total monkey and it's so hard to hold him. He will just about jump out of your arms, I have to be so careful to hold onto him tight! He drinks about 4 bottles a day, and eats baby food in between. He likes it all. We have tried a few puffs, but he's not interested yet.

He is still getting used to going to MDO. I think it's getting a little better but I don't think he'll be getting any awards for good conduct yet. It seems to take him and Hayes both a while to warm up to new situations.

Happy 7 months to our big boy!! We love you, W!

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The Cains said...

Oh he is so precious!!! What cute pics!!! Can't believe he's 7 months! Sleep W sleep - so glad he's sleeping well for mama!!