Friday, September 9, 2011

Today was better

Today was day 2 of school. I am sooooo proud of my two munchkins for having good days today, better than Wednesday! Watson's teachers said he did better and was not as fussy-YAY for slight improvement, W!! I hope that continues. As long as he is eating/just finished eating or is strolling or outside he is a happy man. He was happy when I picked him up!

Miss Hayes did so much better too. She got a little upset when I dropped her off, but I just kissed her and ran out and she was fine in a minute. I am teaching in the 2's this year, so I am right down the hall from her which will be so fun. When else in her life can I let her go to school but still see what all she does!? So I am good w/that for the next few years while she is in preschool at Covenant. I don't want to think past these years when she gets to big school!

I peeked at her about 10 and she was playing w/trucks and walking around the room. All the 2's eat lunch together and she did so good when she saw me at lunch, surprisingly, no tears! She didn't even get out of her seat, just waved at me and kept eating. She got in line with her cute lunchbox and followed Mrs. Abby out the door and was fine leaving me behind. She ate her whole lunch and didn't get up once. Quite impressive and different from home for sure. It's so funny how they can be so different when they're away from home. I used to tell my kindergarten parents that all the time, and now from a parent perspective I know it's so true!

In the afternoons we have loved going out to enjoy this cooler weather. The favorite activity is strolling babies, fast and furiously. She will stroll them forever and not get tired of it. Such a little mama. She is going to Dothan next week to stay w/her grandparents. We are going to miss her so much. She's my little sidekick for sure. So it will be just the big W and us all week! I'm excited about some one on one time with him!

My teaching partner, Cassie! She's alot of fun. I love her already! Looking forward to a great school year, and maybe a little less crazy next week! (I am sure she will love that I'm posting her pic on here-sorry Cassie.)

Happy Friday. Warrrrrrrrrrr Eagle, HEY!

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