Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This sweet baby boy...

is all signed up to get his tubes tomorrow morning!

I am soooooooo beyond thankful. I think they will make a WORLD of difference for him. He has had constant ear infections/medication for 3 months now and just can't get rid of the fluid. I took him yesterday to the ENT and right now has 2 infections, a red throat, and swollen tonsils. I am so sad for him, especially when I see him smiling and playing knowing he doesn't feel good. I think he has learned to adjust to the pain and pressure-so, soooooo sad. But, tomorrow morning he will feel so much better, he is not going to know what to think!!!

Both he and Hayes started getting ear infections around the same time-7 months-and are getting tubes at the same times-around 10-11 months. We had a great experience at Children's South last time, super organized, friendly and efficient. Would you say a prayer for him tomorrow morning if you think about it? Thank you blog friends!!

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Crazy Lady said...

oh my goodness how big is watson!!!! what a cutie. sorry about his ears, that is no fun. yes, prayer for him tomorrow. hope it goes well.