Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pajama Day

If there is one thing in life my girl really dislikes it is getting dressed. Every day is a CHORE to get her dressed and ready, shoes and socks, and then that HAIR! Those curls are wild and tangly in the morning without a spray bottle, detangler and a good brushing. So with the cloudy cold weather we've been having, there have been a lot of pajama days. And one thing I have figured out with pajama days, these are days that she will fall asleep in the afternoons. We took a trip to the dr. to see what she thought about Hayes 4 month cough. She can't seem to kick it. We got some medicine, better than over the counter, so I hope it does the trick!!

I did at least get her hair brushed before we went.

If Hayes is not getting dressed neither is the little one!

I think I've mentioned on here before that I love our pediatrician. She's SO smart, and a MOM, so she understands my over-reactions to coughs, fevers, sniffles, etc. I'm thankful she doesn't get annoyed with our continuous presence in her office. Plus, I think she truly does care about my children (and all her patients) and that makes a huge difference to this mama!

H-35 months
W-10 months

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Shannon said...

oh do I feel your pain. There are some days that I just end up taking collier to mom's in his PJ's and even some of those days when I pick him up he is still in his PJ's! Mom calls them PJ days and sometimes it is just meant to be that way. We also made a trip to the doc today - CH has infections in both ears. I' hope that Hayes gets to feeling better and that Watson's ears are also all better. I'm praying for yall.
with love.