Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Weekend and Conversations

It seems our little man was not out of the woods after his tubes/adenoids on Thursday like I thought! He got a fever Friday night and kept it pretty much all weekend off and on. I have felt so sorry for him. A fever makes a baby so pitiful and it makes me so nervous. He and I stayed home today from church and he seems to be feeling better tonight. He's had a lot of motrin, lots of snuggling, and lots of baths. I just keep thinking the baths make him feel a little better. He was happy and playing and eating tonight which is a good sign that he's on the mend.

I had a sweet conversation with Hayes that I just want to remember, so I thought I would put it on here. I wish I could remember everything because it's all so funny. She is at a great age. I know I say/think that all the time about every age. But she's just like a little adult, except completely and totally innocent and adorably naive. I love it

Hayes-hey mommy, how are you?
me-I'm fine how you are? (and back and forth 5 times)
Hayes-what are you doing mommy?
me-I'm washing watson's bottles so he can drink milk tomorrow
Hayes-oh you're washing his bottles?
me-yes and when you grow up and have babies you'll wash their bottles too
Hayes-but i don't have any soap
me-you will have some soap when you grow up and have a husband and a house
Hayes-oh I have a house outside (her playhouse) and runs back to watch her night night show

When Nathan was putting her to bed and saying prayers he said she was getting sleepy. He asked her if there was anything she wanted to thank God for? Hayes-Mrs. Meg and Mrs. Abby and that's it! I think she was done w/the prayers.

That's all the sweet sappiness I have to share tonight. We're about to get in high gear w/some birthday celebrating. I am excited, not nearly as excited as Hayes though. She's been talking about her birthday and Watson's birthday for months, basically since he was born.

Lastly, is anyone else having trouble w/blogger or is just me? I cannot add any background to this boring white page to save my life! And the double and triple spacing is out of control! I can't seem to fix it though. I am not a fan of technology changes!!

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