Monday, January 23, 2012

Hayes' 3rd Birthday Party

We celebrated Hayes 3rd birthday over the weekend! Wow I can't believe I just wrote that she is THREE! We had all of our family in town and it was such a great weekend. Nathan and I feel extremely grateful for our family coming to celebrate with us. They all had to travel and we appreciate every single one of them making the trip. Even sweet Uncle Cory who just had ACL/knee surgery a few weeks ago came. Now that is one sweet uncle who hobbled up here for a 3 yr old jumping party! (He is doing really good though!) We decided to have her party at JumpZone this year, since her favorite thing to do ever is jump and bounce and slide. Seemed like a logical choice, and then after I booked it, I started thinking out of all the jump parties we have been to, they have all been boy parties! Oh well, my girl likes to do some jumping and sliding so that's what we went with!

Watson had just as big of a time as Hayes and the other big kids did. He was all over that place. I carried his wiggly monkey self through one of the obstacle courses (not easy) and down one of the slides and he died laughing the whole time!

Hayes had no idea everyone was singing happy birthday to her. She was super focused on getting her capri sun straw in. She requested donuts early on so that's what we had instead of cake.

After the party we had our family over for round 2 to eat lunch and play for a bit before everyone had to leave.

It was a fun filled weekend! Thank you to all of the family and friends who came to celebrate our big girl with us! You are all very much appreciated. Happy 3rd Birthday Miss Hayes!!


Susannah said...

Happy Birthday to Hayes! I can't believe she is 3!! I love the idea of the jump party...hmmm...may have to steal that one. ;) You look great!

The DeRieux Family said...

Such a fun party!! Happy birthday, Hayes! We love you!!