Thursday, January 5, 2012

4 Wheelers for Christmas

I am on a big time video uploading kick, so watch out, you may be seeing alot on here! I have taken so many videos lately of the kids, plain pictures just don't seem to do our days and their ages and personalities justice! I just noticed today that youtube updated their website and all your videos are on one page and you can get them to play repeatedly. Actually that may not be new but it's new to me. Hayes and I watched all of them on our "channel" for about an hour today and it was so sweet to see her back at 17, 18 , 20 months etc. She was such a baby. Just proof of how fast time flies and how quickly they are changing. I'm big on capturing memories if you can't tell!

Hayes and Baker got these fun motorized 4 wheelers from Nathan's parents for Christmas. They were soooo funny trying to drive them. It took awhile before they both got the hang of it, then they just starting playing bumper cars and being silly and trying to do tricks. Sadly, we could not fit the 4 wheeler into our car for the ride home with the rest of our gifts and bags and such, so it's still in Dothan. She is going to flip out when they bring it in a few weeks!

Hayes-35 months
Baker-26 months

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