Saturday, December 31, 2011

Watson at 10 months

Watson was 10 months on Christmas Day. How is that possible? Every time I turn around he's a whole month older and getting closer to that 1st birthday. I'm not ready for that. I'm still enjoying my baby. Being 1 means lots of big things, like walking (boo!), sippy cups and not bottles (again boo!) and other things I'm not ready for. I enjoy a baby, the bigger they get the harder they get to me (for the most part)!

Here are a few things about 10 months w/Watson man...

Sleeps like a champ-2 naps are long ones, about 1 hour or more in the a.m. and 2-3 hours in the afternoon. Nighttimes are at least 12 hours, sometimes more.
On his 3rd ear infection, they have been relentless w/him. he has an ent appt coming up for tubes. I'm crossing my fingers he can get them soon!
He is everywhere and wants everything he can't have to play with.
Loves playing with all toys

Loves blinds and windows, I have to keep all the blinds up that are his level at all times.
Really dislikes getting in his carseat. He likes to get in and just stand up and look around for a while before I strap him in.
Has been a good eater until he started on his last medicine. I think it's taking away his appetite for food but is still drinking his milk.
Changing his diaper is sort of like having to change a tiger's diaper. I have to be sneaky with it!
The dishwasher is a favorite, and cabinets too, again anything he doesn't need to get into he is all over. I can't take my eyes off him for a second now.
Loves swinging outside
Loves bathtime with Hayes, but really dislikes getting out. They love to splash and play and are so cute to watch.

I love him being this age. He's big enough to be fairly predictable with his schedule and little enough to still be a baby. We love you Watson!!! It's so much fun being your parents. We are learning a lot from you!

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The Cains said...

Yay Watson!! Sleeping like a champ!! Amy, can you remember just a few short months ago and we were both struggling with sleep issues? It's amazing how fast they grow up. I'm so glad he's turned into such a great sleeper!!! More than 12 hours - Alleluia!!