Thursday, December 8, 2011

School Picture and Smart Friends

We have a super, duper, uber smart friend named Jason who is like a technology wizard. He knows all things computer/technology, and thanks to him all my pictures are now finally backed up and saved. THANK YOU JASON!!! We appreciate it waaaaay more than you know. There is no telling how many pics are on this computer, and I know one day this old dell will crash and burn eventually and everything on here will be no more. I know nothing about hard drives and backing up stuff so I just haven't been doing it w/pictures and videos (except posting some of them here and on youtube.) Risky I know!! And I would probably just fall out and die if I lost all the documentation of pictures since Hayes was born. That's a whole lots of memories!!! Isn't it so neat how God gives everyone such different gifts and talents? Technology is definitely not my gift, but I'm so glad it's Jason's gift! Thank you for sharing your gift with us Jason.

Moving on, my oldest is now old enough for a school picture?? She is just getting way too big.

Hayes-2 years-Covenant Day School-2011
(not sure why it scanned like this!)

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