Monday, December 19, 2011

The Weekend before Christmas

The countdown is on, only one week until Christmas! This has been a really fun December so far. We've had alot of low-key activities this month-cooking, decorating, parties, Christmas movies, fun stuff at school, etc. which is just what we needed at their ages.

But we've also missed out on a few things since they're still so little this year, like things that happen during morning nap time and Candlelight at church and the zoolight safari, etc. But I know there is always next year and each year will be a little different the bigger they get!

One fun thing we have started this year is Christmas movie night. Hayes has never really watched a movie, she's not good yet at being still and following along. BUT, if you tell her she gets to stay up late, turn off the lights, put a huge bowl of popcorn in her hands, cuddle up under a blanket and tell her she gets to watch a Christmas movie, she will GLUE her eyes to the tv and watch. So we have done that twice now and it's been so much fun for everybody, except Watson, we wait until he goes to bed! He might get to participate next year if he can behave.Friday night we watched Sesame Street Christmas from 1979. It was slooooowwww and painful for us, but she LOVED it and has watched it 99 times since then so that's all that matters.

On Saturday we had Nathan's family Christmas pary and it was lots of fun! All the cousins were there, with exception of a few. We loved getting to see everybody. W and H both got some fun toys, and they both love this little Cars rocking toy that he got. He is so funny riding it!

Family pic of 3

Once big sister gets in, everybody gets a little exasperated b/c of her dislike of the camera. Seriously, how do people get good family pics?! Our 2 are complete wiggle worms when they see that camera.

On Sunday our cousin Sara Grace was baptized at her church, so we went to that and then they had a big yummy lunch afterwards. It was so sweet and I was so teary. Then she spoke during the lunch and I teared up even more. Baptisms are super emotional for me these days. Every time I watch one I think about Hayes and Watson! We enjoyed being with some of our B'ham cousins. They are right here close by and we still don't get to see them enough!

Sara Grace and Watson and Claire and Davis, and Hayes dancing onstage

Claire and Hayes

She found the stage and jumped and ran around like a wild woman

cousins Claire, Sara Grace, Alice and Hayes

So that was a long post about a good weekend. I'm thankful for all these memories I can post on here. I would forget everything we did if I didn't have somewhere like this to put them. Thanks for caring about our memories too if you are still reading!

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