Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Art

We've had a good, loooong week at home this past week. Hayes was sick early in the week so we have been home all day every day except for Friday. I have loved it. Our tree is up and the house is decorated so that makes it a little more festive and fun to stay in all day w/a sick one! Watson has been napping good too this week, so Hayes and I have gone crazy with some Christmas crafts and glitter while he's been asleep. Nothing fancy and nothing from pinterest, just good old fashioned kindergarten crafting! I must say glitter (which can be a HUGE mess) is not nearly as disastrous with one child as opposed to 16 or 18 five year olds, and SO much fun for them to play with.

Hayes is all about shaking some salt and pepper on her food every day-cereal, casseroles, green beans, whatever-so I knew she would love shaking that glitter. She wanted to do everything BLUE of course.

We glittered names

and a Christmas banner for the playroom-turned out okay but was good for working on letters

and made reindeer hats-which will probably last 3 seconds. Watson ate most of his last night.

Easy, breezy stuff-all you need is some construction paper, scissors, markers, glue, etc. She is at a fun age to do art with!

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