Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Soaking up the Days

There have been lots of happenings around here lately during the month of December. Some important and some not-so-important for the blog, just lots of good family time and togetherness which I am most thankful for. But one to document was the Watson Family Christmas Dinner this past weekend. It's an annual family reunion for my daddy's side of the family and the older I get, the more I look more forward to it every year. Some of the people we see many times during the year and others this is the only time we see them! It was in Montgomery this year. We really missed my grandparents and my great aunt Ease being there. They always started preparing early for "the dinner" as in what they would wear, what we would wear, what songs they would sing and jokes they would tell. It was always a day in the spotlight for them since they loved and lived to be the center of attention together!

Santa made an appearance and brought gifts for all the kids. The bigger kids liked him, the younger ones not so much.

ELATED to see all her cousins. She didn't even sit w/us and thought she was big stuff with her cousins at their table.

Please get me out of this strange man's lap!!!!!! This is definitely my last attempt at Santa pics for this year. Neither of my children care a thing about him obviously and that is okay. There is alot for them to soak up around December with so many parties and activities going on. Our main goal for Hayes this year is for her to simply understand that Christmas is Jesus' birthday. I keep trying to expand on the Christmas story for her, and she gets sidetracked and starts asking for a snack or something. But I know she's listening and absorbing more than I think, hopefully.

There are lots of things I want to start next year when they are both a little older, but so far our December has been full of family time and I love it. Here is another milestone reached, both sitting up in the extra large buggy at Publix. Watson was all smiles until he realized that Hayes got a cookie and he didn't. So we may have to resort back to him in the front and her in the back so he doesn't know he's missing out on a treat!

Merry Christmas!

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