Friday, December 30, 2011

Our Christmas 2011

We are still trying to recover from our Christmas weekend! It was very full and full of fun being with each other and with all of our families. We decided earlier this month that since we were travelling to Dothan, we would do our own Christmas/Santa here at home with our family first. It was so sweet and so much fun and I'm so glad we did it like that. It was fun waking up in our home and opening gifts and we didn't have to go through the trouble of packing everything up to open later and then bringing it all right back home!

Do you see the gigantic blue sucker above? Well, that is the ONLY thing that Hayes wanted from Santa for Christmas, so she was one happy girl when she got a huge candy bowl full of blue suckers and candy canes, plus a bunch of other stuff. She leafed through her other toys with slight interest, but the candy was her favorite part!

Watson was all smiles and just trying to figure out all the madness with paper and toys and suckers everywhere that he couldn't have. He did get a football though and lots of other boy toys this year which were greatly needed for him!

On Friday (after a trip to the dr. for Watson w/another ear infection) we headed to Dothan for time with our families. We were able to spend time with all of our family, both sides, except for Honey. We missed her!

We squeezed in a whole lot in 4 short days of being with family. Hayes almost made it through the Christmas Eve service, she lasted about 40 minutes and then about the same length on Christmas Day. She tried really hard. Sitting still is tough I know when you are that age. She had crackers, toys and crayons and stickers and Nana and Papa though so she wasn't too bored!

We had good cousin and grandparent time. I feel like everybody got enough of us-haha! We all got spoiled with way too many gifts and we are very thankful for our families loving us so much and for taking good care of us when we come visit. I know it's not easy having a whole extra family to come stay, especially when they bring 10,000 lbs of stuff w/them plus a pharmacy at all times.

Happiness on a 4 wheeler-she and Bake got these fun motorized 4 wheelers and were so hilarious on them. I can't even describe it! Of course I have a video and may post that later. It really was SO, SO funny watching them learn to drive!

And here are my 2 on Christmas Day, as happy as can be to be posing for the camera!

My baby's first Christmas at 10 months old. Oh, I love him soooo much, infected ears, fussiness and all, bless his heart. He was a trooper the whole trip, good naps and good nights. THANKFUL for that.

Oh and I can't forget our Hunt's date night on Monday night w/Brent and Lindsey. Very, very nice and fun spending time w/them sans babies. Wish that happened more often!

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas too. Happy 2012!!

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