Monday, November 28, 2011

Growing Babies-34 mos and 9 mos

It didn't seem like I ever thought about time/months/years before Hayes was born. Now life seems like it is rushing by at lightning speed. Maybe it's because we live on a Wed/Fri school schedule and every week seems like it lasts 2 seconds and then it's a new week again. I completely feel the need lately to truly embrace and cherish these days at home while my babies are so little. I've always tried to do that, but then the fussiness, crying, nobody wants to nap, and the need for mommy breaks start about 1:00 and then I just can't wait for Nathan to get home!! But, this time with them being little will be gone in a flash I know, and I'm beyond grateful for all the days. I never want to take it for granted. I love kissing and squeezing them 1 billion times a day and I hope they always remember that. Just today Hayes used the words-Mom, Dad, and thanks-as opposed to Mommy, Daddy, and thank you. It seems small, but let me tell you that is proof right there that my baby is growing up. I'm not ready to be condensed to MOM quite yet!!

Hayes was 34 months last week. She is changing daily. It's funny that now we can talk back and forth with her like she is an adult. She is so into helping in the kitchen, loves to sweep, help with laundry and anything else. She's my little Martha Stewart for now. She has rest time on the sofa every day now. Some days she will fall asleep and other days she doesn't. (I've accepted that I am never going to have a break again in the afternoons and it has made life much easier-I was completely spoiled with her long afternoon nap 1-4 for 2 1/2 years!! She is in a very easy stage so it doesn't really matter.) She loves playing with a ball, being outside, boots, Caillou, suckers, cupcakes and is obsessed with anything blue. Her new favorite toy is a little plastic Thomas train that I got for $1. I love the simplicity of what makes her so happy. It's innocent and refreshing.

Watson was 9 months last week. Everyone always told me that boys love their mamas. That is 100% spot on for Watson. He is all about being close to his mama! He loves to laugh and smile at everybody, but wants to do that from my arms! He loves his Daddy too and thinks he is hilarious. He likes to wrestle and climb all over Nathan (and me and Hayes or whoever is on the floor at the moment.) He is way more into eating food than drinking milk. He cares almost nothing about his bottle anymore. He will not sit in your lap to let you feed him, he prefers to crawl around and play while you try to hold the bottle in his mouth. It doesn't work well! He is standing and cruising around holding onto the furniture. He eats everything we eat which is very nice at mealtime. He sleeps good at night and naps twice a day. He is on his 2nd ear infection in 3 weeks. I am hoping tubes are in the near future for him. I love being his mommy so much. He is totally in love with Hayes. It's hard to describe how much they love each other. They have the best time playing and are so entertaining for each other. The best sound is hearing them laughing together.
I love you my sweet Hayes and dear Watson so very much!!

H-34 months
W-9 months

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The Piedmonts said...

Amy- your kids are so precious and it is so funny reading your posts because i feel like I am reading about Ellie and Tripp- I was just reminding myself the other day how I can not take this time for granted (after ellie had a meltdown to end all meltdowns) they won't be tiny forever!