Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Weekend

We have had a full and fun few days celebrating Halloween. Hayes has thankfully already forgotten about all the candy she accumulated, which is good for her but not for me as there are about 100 pieces of chocolate in the top of the pantry. She definitely ate her share over the weekend so I don't feel too bad about not reminding her. Although Little Bo Peep did work really hard for those treats!

We had our neighborhood party on Saturday night-food, bouncy houses, candy hunts-it was entertaining for the little ones and big ones. We put Watson in the little bouncy house and he loved it! He just died laughing the whole time he was in there!

She was pretty selective about her candy, I don't blame her.

A baby in a costume is hilarious to me. He looked like a waiter in his little blue bowtie!

We painted pumpkins Halloween morning for the porch...

Halloween night we got ready super early since we didn't know how long our duo would last. They were both in really good moods, which is rare at 5 pm! Our trick or treaters were ready. For the first few houses Hayes thought she was supposed to give out candy when the person came to the door. She would take what they gave her and give back some in her bucket. Bless her heart. It didn't take too long though before she got the hang of it. We went to another party down the street where she did NOTHING but eat candy out of her bucket while we talked. For a good solid hour, that little mouth was full of sugar, piece after piece after piece and she was in heaven with nobody stopping her.

W man and I came back home because the sheep was expiring, and sweet Daddy took/carried her all over this hilly neighborhood to get more candy. He said she was so afraid that every house she went to was her last house! I really think it was one of the best nights of her almost 3 year old life. She was completely wound up and stayed up super late. She had an absolute blast and we did too watching them both. Everything has new meaning with your kids. They make holidays so much fun!

H-33 months
W-8 months

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