Thursday, November 17, 2011

Potty Training and Prayers

This little turkey will have her first Thanksgiving music program tomorrow at school. We are waiting for all the grandparents to get here this afternoon (minus Grandaddy-we will miss him!) and can't wait to see our little turkey onstage. Nathan and I are very grateful they are willing to make the trip up here and hope they will see a little more than her standing up there for 3 minutes sucking her thumb. She knows the words and motions well-thanks to a little bribery-so we will see how she does tomorrow. Whatever it is like it will be so cute!!

I feel the need to give her a little praise on the blog w/all the potty training progress she has made in such a short time. I have not pushed PT w/her at all, mainly b/c since W was born I haven't had any time/energy/effort to devote to it, I just haven't thought she was ready, and seriously diapers are just too easy! And I knew she would do it when her little mind and body were both ready. So I'm so happy to report that she's about 95% trained and most of it w/out my help. And I love it. Has she had too many treats and sweets? YES. Now the girl is all about a treat or some candy. If she has any cavities at her next appt I will blame it on the potty training. But, she knows how to use the potty and then wash her hands and I'm super proud. And yes, I do have plans for that diaper money we'll be saving every month!

Every morning and night we say prayers out loud. I have been hoping she would catch on for the longest time and want to have her turn, but so far she's content w/mama just praying for/with her. She is finally getting to where she wants to pray at night, and it is so incredibly sweet and hilarious. I just need to document here all the things/inanimate objects she prays for...
birthday parties
eyebrows-yes God did makes these
teeth, mouth, nose, etc
our house
Ms. Grace's car and house
Ms. Grace's swing and door and windows
and occasionally Mommy and Daddy, my grandparents, Watson's grandparents (they do have the same ones but she doesn't quite know how to combine things yet!)

She mainly starts a list going with whatever she sees at the moment, but I'm hoping before too long her praying will become more from her heart and not just her eyes. I think it's a good start. It's pretty hard not to laugh hearing what she comes up with though!

And now onto Thanksgiving! I cannot believe it's almost here and then Christmas? We are looking forward to a family filled hectic week next week. And then back home to do some decorating for our 1st Christmas in our new house. I didn't pull out any decorations last year since we were just about to move, so now I can't wait to see what all I've forgotten about!!

Hayes-33 months

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