Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Baby is 11 months!

Little Watson man turned 11 months this past week. How can that be? I can't believe that 1st birthday is less than a month away now. I am so not ready for him to be a toddler. Seems like he was just born last week!

He is so funny. He feels 1000000000 times better since having his new tubes and adenoids out. He really is a new baby, everbody says that and it's so true. It made a huge difference w/him. I don't think he felt 100% from the time he was born until 10 1/2 months-how sad! He is a jolly little thing. I think he is finally liking MDO now. And I think his teachers are finally starting to tolerate him-hahaha! just kidding. I know they loved him, BUT I know it's difficult to take care of a fussy baby, especially when that fussy baby is not your own child! LOVE those ladies. He makes the funniest little wrinkled up nose smile when he gets excited. He crawls as fast as I can run (sadly.) He is not walking yet, just holding onto furniture and making his way around the room. He can get anything he wants to get his hands on! He LOVES playing in the playroom, with or without his sister. He is Mr. Independent in there. It's a great feeling to leave them both in there to play and know he can't get hurt (unless she tackles him, which happens often?) They tend to play rough w/each other, which is so surprising to me about Hayes, not him. He likes to wrestle and play rough w/Nathan. He can THROW a BALL like a champ. He's been practicing this new skill everyday and it's hilarious. Maybe he will be a ball player like his daddy.

I told Nathan I feel like one of the swamp people who wrestle alligators all day! He makes me WORK to change his diaper. No laying there w/a book, toy or anything while getting his diaper changed. He is as strong as he can be and can flip as fast and hard as those big alligators. And sometimes, he wins! And he speed crawls away w/no diaper for a little while!

His naps are still unpredictable. He takes 2 still, but lengths vary every day. Some days his afternoon nap may be 30 min. and sometimes 2 hours. Never a sure thing and I just can't count on it every day. I guess I got really spoiled w/Hayes' long naps. This man doesn't like to miss a second of playtime by being in his bed. Night times are wonderful. He goes to bed and 7 pm and is up around 7:15-7:30 am. Baby alligators need their nighttime sleep!

His eating has become picky. Things I know he will eat-bananas, cereal bars, yogurt, Gerber meals like chicken and vegetables, cheese grits, applesauce, dry cereal, spaghetti, crackers, cheese, and anything we are eating. He is not a fan of his highchair lately.

He is super fun, precious, fiesty, quick tempered, loving, SNUGGLY as can be, and LOVES his mama. He has his 3 biggest fans right here w/him every day and we all love him to the moon and back. God made him just perfect for our family and we're so thankful we get to love and raise him. Happy 11 months little Buddy!!! We can't wait to celebrate the BIG ONE w/you next month!

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