Thursday, January 12, 2012

Update on our patient

Just wanted to give a quick update on Watson's tubes this morning. They took his adenoids too b/c they were so big. He was a trooper! Got up 2 hours early, no bottle/breakfast, waited for an hour before they called him back, didn't cry when they took him from me or when they brought him back-VERY out of character for him-thank you for the prayers! I am so glad too because I was by myself and Nathan stayed home w/Hayes. The sleepy/agitated state is the most nerve wracking process of the whole thing. He was pretty lethargic for a little while and snuggled in my lap without moving a muscle. So, I did enjoy his recovery time!

We had a good bit of time to wait on different people coming in.

All dressed and ready to go! I was so glad they let him take his monkey and paci back w/him!

It was a good experience. I am so grateful that we live here w/quick access to great doctors and hospitals. The whole process from seeing the ENT doctor for the 1st time to getting tubes today took only 2 days. That is God's hand for sure. I think he knew we couldn't take many more ear infections at our house! I hope it makes him feel so much better and I think he already does. He's already logged in several hours of playtime today since we got home and now is napping (along w/Hayes and that only happens about once a month-must be my lucky day.) Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!

And not to leave out this sweet thing, she has had some special time w/her Daddy this week. She got to go to work w/him Tuesday morning for a little bit while we were at the doctor and went to get a strawberry donut w/just the two of them this morning. Tubes for Watson are just making everybody in this house happy. I told Nathan if we ever have another baby I hope they can get tubes in their ears before they come home from the hospital. It sure would save a whole lot of trouble for the 1st year-hahhaha!!

W-10 months


Jessica said...

I'm so glad that everything went well this morning. What a relief to have this taken care of and over with. I hope he feels better soon!

Regan said...

Yay! So glad that everything went well! Been thinking about you guys all day. That sweet baby. Hopefully it's all downhill from here :).

The Cains said...

So glad it went well! Look at thar sweet smile!!