Monday, July 6, 2009

Lots of Pictures

I can't believe it's already July! Where is the summer going? We have been busy playing, visiting, and having lots of fun. Here are some pics of our Father's Day. We were able to see all of our fathers and grandfathers this year all on Father's Day. It was wonderful! It is always helpful that Nathan's family gets together in Prattville which is pretty close to B'ham and then my Dad is in Montgomery. All close by! Thanks for being such great daddies and g'daddies-we love all of you!

Please notice Nathan's dad's shirt. Here is one of the most proud grandaddy's you'll ever see. Since Hayes was born all he has wanted was a t-shirt and mug w/her picture on it. He got both for Father's Day and LOVES them. Now we know what to get him every year! But this year for Christmas he's going to have 2 grandbabies! My SIL Lindsey is having a BOY in November-we can't wait for a little cousin! He'll have to get one baby on the front and one on the back-hahahah!!

Hayes is now five and 1/2 months (almost!) She is loving being a big girl. She's eating her delicious rice cereal twice a day now-haven't started on the fruits or veggies but we plan to soon. She LOVES her exersaucer. She plays so hard in it like it is her job. Then she likes to take a break and get in her jumper and swing in it for a while. She has started joining us at the table at suppertime and it's so fun to have her in the dining room w/us! She just watches us eat and is very interested!

Last week we got to hang out w/our sweet friend Rebecca and eat some yummy mexican. Also, Hayes had some big pool time! Just kidding-she did go to the pool twice last week-once with the kindergarten teachers and the other day we went to hang out in Tuscaloosa w/our Aunt Lindsey at her pool- but did not make it too long either time! She pretty much just napped while I (or someone) held her in the pool. I am sure next summer will be different though!

For the 4th we had some sweet friends over and they brought their little girl Emery who is 7 months older than Hayes. They had fun watching each other and Emery showed Miss Priss how to really use her toys-they were so cute! Also I made this easy, breezy strawberry pie-yumm-o. I'll post the recipe soon.

Happy Monday!


lindseykennedy said...

Oh, I love all these pictures! I especially love that she sits ON the table with yall. Hilarious. I also love the picture of her with your grandparents! She's such a big girl. I miss her.

Carrie Wells said...

Amy...she is soooo adorable!! Hope to see y'all soon!

Susannah said...

I'm loving that yummy little Hayes and these yummy recipes! She is really starting to look alot like you, at first she looked like Nathan, but she is changing! When do you go back to work?! UGH!!! I don't even want to think about it.