Monday, August 6, 2012

Oak Mountain

This past weekend we took the kids to Oak Mountain to the petting zoo and to have a picnic. I've been wanting to take them out there and it was a great thing to do with Nathan w/us, I probably would never take them by myself! We had a picnic by the water and they had fun exploring sticks and rocks and dirt! Eating outside (or really anywhere!) is one of their favorite things. We had a lot of shade so it wasn't really hot. We saw lots of animals, Hayes just wanted to watch from someone's arms and Watson wanted to chase all of them and get right up in their faces. We haven't seen much fear in him yet about anything. It was a fun outing, not too terribly hot, the bathrooms were even pretty clean, and we made it back without anyone falling asleep which was really good. I'm sure we'll be going back. The fall would be a great time to go!

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