Sunday, March 8, 2009

Last Week

Last week was a very fun and busy week! We had lots of visitors and some fun outings! On Monday, our friends Katie Gray, Amy McNeese, and her little girl Mary Carmen came to visit. MC is 3 months older than Hayes so they will be in the same class. Can't wait for lots of play dates with these two!

Amy w/Hayes and me w/Mary Carmen
Have you ever been to Painted by U? It's a fun paint it yourself pottery place here in B'ham and on their website you can get a coupon for a FREE baby footprint tile. Hayes and I met my friend Dawn and her little baby boy Walker there on Wednesday. It turned out SO cute and I know it will be even cuter once they fire and glaze it. The coupon is good for babies under one year. If you have a little one at home take advantage-they will do it all for you. All you have to do is hold your screaming little one and then clean the cold, wet paint off their feet!!

Our friend, Shannon Hicks also came over to visit on Wednesday. We loved seeing and catching up with you Shannon. We can't wait for little Collier to be here in May!!

On Friday, our sweet friends Jenny Holbert and her little cutie pie baby boy Hamp came over to visit. Hamp is one of Hayes' little boy friends and they will be in the same class at church. He loved swinging in her swing. Hayes is screaming in this picture but she really does love her new little friend! They will hopefully have lots of fun times together!

Other exciting news...
I went to two great consignment sales last week and got LOTS of cute summer clothes-Mountain Chapel and Vestavia Methodist. I LOVE good deals and these sales are definitely the way to go! There are two more coming up at the end of this month that I can't wait to go to. Hopefully Nathan won't mind since I'm not buying these clothes new-it's consignment right? So it's okay to go overboard?! Thanks Hillary for your tips on the sales and for getting me so excited about them!! I'll try to post some pictures of my purchases.

Hayes turned 6 weeks old on Saturday and started sleeping in her own room. It was a little sad at first to look over in the cradle and not see her. I got up to check on her about 7 times because I guess I thought she was going to disappear if she wasn't right beside me. But she slept so good in her big girl crib and it really was nice to not hear all of her many noises throughout the night! Good thing for monitors!

Sunday was Hayes' first trip to church! We have been so excited about taking her and she did great. She went to our class with us since she can't go to her own class until she gets her shots. She looked adorable and as long as she had her paci in her mouth she was a happy girl.

One last thing, for lunch on Sunday we went to a new place someone told us about in Homewood, well new to us anyway! It was called Crepe Myrtle Cafe and it's in the back of Little Professor books in Homewood. You would never know it is there because it faces the back of the parking lot of the bookstore. They serve brunch on the weekends and it was SO delicious! Nathan got french toast and I got a grilled cheese w/tomato. They have yummy specials every day and are open for lunch and dinner-and you can sit outside-perfect for this nice spring weather we are having! We are always looking for new places for lunch on Sunday and we will definitely go back. If you live here in B'ham, you will have to try it!

This week we are going to Dothan to visit our families and some friends. We have some new babies that have been born that we need to meet! Hopefully I will have pictures to share when I get back. Please pray for a safe trip for us (it's just me and the little one!) and for good long naps for Hayes-it could be a very long ride if she is not happy! Have a great week!!


Carrie Wells said...

I'm so glad you started a blog! Hayes is beautiful, can't wait to meet her. I may be in Dothan Friday because my mom is having surgery. If so, I hope to see you!!

Elizabeth said...

Hey Amy! Wow! Yall have been so busy! I am so glad you are blogging! I thought about you not too long ago and wondered if you were still teaching! Obviously you have had alot going on! Hayes is BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations!

lindseykennedy said...

Yea! I'm glad she did good in church. She looks very serious in that last picture. I know its b/c she was concentrating on that paci (aka, her best friend)

Love yall!

Becky Smith said...

Hey Amy! I'm so glad I found your blog! I've been thinking about you! Hayes is BEAUTIFUL! I can't blame you for wanting to show her off!! Enjoy every minute! Hope to get to meet her in person soon!
Love, Becky

Honey said...

She is the most beautiful Great-Grandaughter that we have . We are so proud of her .
Can't wait to hold her on Sunday.
Love to all three of you,
Honey and Grandaddy

Suzanne Barfield said...

Amy! You are too funny and Hayes seems to have more friends than I do and she isn't even two months old!!! It was great seeing you and meeting her, she is a doll! Hope you all had a safe trip back home! Love you

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Ok- several points:
1) You are oh-so welcome for the pointers. I hope they helped and I'm glad you had fun. that's the main thing.
2) WHEW! You have been busy!
3) That Hayes is adorable and I LOVE the foot stamped pottery tile! That is absolutely precious. You will always cherish that.
4) We have a picture of Owen that is so similar to that on the first day he went to church with us. We had a white wrap-around porch at our first house and Jason was holding him up like a trophy, just like Nathan! How funny!
Great to catch up with you.
Hey- I'm headed to D-town tomorrow. Call me if you want together. 256-508-6998. :)

Kellie said...

Hey Amy! I'm so glad you started a blog! Hayes is PRECIOUS!!! Isn't motherhood awesome?! Glad to see ya'll are doing great!