Monday, March 23, 2009

Trip to Dothan

We had a great trip home last week. Hayes did great on the drive there and back. She slept almost the whole time both ways so I feel like she slept both of those days away! It took her a few nights of waking up many times for her to get back into her sleeping pattern when we got home. Is that normal?! We were able to see lots of our family and friends and it was so nice to be there for longer than a weekend. Here are some pictures from our trip.

Our sweet Dothan cousins-Holley (6), Mary Hannah (4), and Carson (2)!

Carson loves that he is not the baby anymore!

We got to see all of our great-grandparents in Montgomery,
Prattville, and Dothan...

We had a fun play date with some Dothan friends! My sweet and thoughtful sister, Alyssa, had us all over for a yummy breakfast so we could see each other.

Kelli and Elsie, me w/Hayes, and Suzanne and Emily (little Addison was there too but she didn't get in the picture!)

And the best part about my trip was getting to eat lunch with this sweet little 1st grader at her school!! Holley is my oldest niece, almost 7 years old! Seems like she was just born yesterday. Her little class was so cute and it reminded me of my 1st grade classroom when I was her age. She has some sweet little friends and I'm so thankful for her wonderful school and teachers. She loves it and that makes this kindergarten teacher happy!!

And this little cutie pie is her little sister Mary Hannah-I cannot leave her out!

Hope you all have a great week!


Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Looks like a great trip and I hate that I missed you! I had a great time with Alyssa and her two youngest. We gave Chic-fil-A a run for their money! ha!

Lindsey DeRieux said...

Amy I love the blog! Hayes is adorable and it's so much fun to see new pictures and hear about her busy social life :)

Becky said...

mine never sleep good when away from home (at least when they are babies.) always takes a night or so to work it back out. completely normal. she is growing so fast!!

lindseykennedy said...

Its so fun that you have friends with babies almost the exact same age! Give Hayes a kiss for me! Text me more pics too!

Crazy Lady said...

love the pictures.

yes messed up routines are normal. if only we could be hermits then our kids would sleep wonderful, but we would be crazy.

Susannah said...

Hayes is sooo adorable! She is a cutie! How is she sleeping at night?

Lauren Hayes said...

Found you and so excited!!! Loved seeing you last week-PLEASE lets keep in touch and hang out soon-I am just sick I found you on the end of your maternity leave...little Hayes is so precious...loved meeting her!!!!