Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our Weekend

We had a wild and busy weekend with all of our family in town last weekend. My sister came to town on Thursday and brought her 3 little sweeties with her. They had a big time playing with little Hayes and she couldn't get enough of them. They loved playing with her, reading to her, making faces and being silly with her. She is just starting to notice other babies and big kids and it is hilarious to watch. On Friday we played outside most of the day in the waterslide and baby pool and Hayes enjoyed her baby pool for the first time-well for about 15 minutes and then she was ready for a change of scenery!

On Saturday we got together with our B'ham cousins and had a pool party. There were lots of kids and they were super excited as always to see each other since they live 3 hours apart. Sunday was Hayes' baby dedication day at church. We looked so forward to this day and looking back it was probably the most special day we have had since she was born. It was wonderful! She did great during the service which was a big relief and gave the biggest and sweetest smile to our pastor while he was talking to her. Aside from stormy weather and a power outage at our house (plans had to be re-arranged for lunch on Sunday-that is another story!) we had a very sweet day celebrating her life and making our committment to raise her in a Christ centered home. We're so thankful for the family members who travelled to Birmingham to be with us!


Susannah said...

So glad Hayes did well did during her church dedication! Her dress was beautiful! She looks like she loves books too! She is getting so big!

Tara said...

She has grown so much! Beautiful pictures of all the children.

lindseykennedy said...

I LOVE HER SWIMSUIT! She looks so cute in it. Precious girl, that Hayes. I can't wait to see her again on Saturday!