Monday, June 8, 2009


I cannot believe I have not posted anything since April! Lots has happened since then-I went back to work to finish the school year and our lives got really hectic and crazy for those five weeks. Everyday seemed like a whirwind and a race against the clock-getting up super early to get ready, feed Hayes, work, then racing home to feed and play with her, washing bottles, cooking supper, staying up late to get ready for the next day, and then of course seeing Nathan-ahhh it seemed wild but I know all of you know what I'm talking about-now summer is here and it is a welcomed event at our house!

This summer has been so fun so far. We've had some lazy days and some busy days around here. Hayes and I had VBS last week and I worked in the nursery with the babies 1 year and younger. That was a nice glimpse to see how my little girl does in the nursery on Sundays. NO naps for her all morning while we were there and apparently this is why she sleeps ALL afternoon on her Sundays. She was definitely one of the loudest babies there who had to either be walked or strolled around-no mam-no napping, swinging, or rocking for her-the girl had to be up and about moving somewhere to wear a happy face. That is okay b/c her mama was taking care of her anyway!

She is 4 1/2 months now-time goes by too fast. We say everyday we cannot believe how fast she's growing. I'm sure we'll be saying that her entire life like every parent does. At her check up she weighed 12.1 lbs. and was 24 1/2 inches long. She has just started sleeping really good at night-I hope I'm not speaking too soon! Every night is anywhere from 10-12 hours-crazy I just wrote that-4 1/2 months ago I could have never imagined I would get more than a couple of hours of sleep at night-but wow how things change and really soooo fast. She is so fun too-smiling, laughing and so happy every time she wakes up. The rice cereal is fun and she loves it b/c it's mixed with yummy apple juice. She eats it all so fast and is sad when it's gone! We have spent most of our days swinging on the porch or out on walks in the stroller-both make her VERY happy and content.

This week our cousins from Dothan are coming in town! yea! We can't wait to see and hang out with them. My sister is bringing her 3 (Holley, Mary Hannah, and Carson) to play for a few days. If anyone knows of any free/inexpensive activities let me know (besides the zoo and mcwane) otherwise we will be hanging out in the front yard in either a baby pool or slip and slide!

We have Hayes' baby dedication coming up on Sunday and we're really excited about having all of our family there as we dedicate our little girl's life to the Lord,commit to raising her in a Christian home and teaching her about Jesus. Such a happy day and I cannot wait. Our family is coming over for lunch on Sunday so we have lots to do to get ready. Poor Nathan has been working so hard in our yard and I think the inside is my job?! We'll see how clean it gets this week with 4 kids here.

So sorry about the post with no pictures but I have to figure out how to download my pics on my camera without completely re-downloading ALL the pictures again from my camera. I've done it several times and so now I have multiple copies of the same pictures on our computer and some need deleting and they all need organizing. I need some tech support!

One last thing I will show you is the new little sun hat I ordered for Hayes-this is not her! But she does look sort of like this baby-or they are at least the same size! I think she'll be precious in this hat and then we'll be all set for some pool time-YEA!! I also have a recipe to share-if you like to eat I think you'll like it! Happy Monday!


Lauren Hayes said...

Amy-you have to email your phone number to, and I'll definitely call to set up a walk or lunch! We walk every day and would love some company!! We need some updates of precious Hayes-I can't wait to see how much she's grown-it happens FAST!

Shireen said...

Hi, Amy!! Sounds like yall have been busy!!! Wow!! Well, I commend you ALL for the time you went back to school for those five weeks! I BET that was tough!!! Okay, we'll get our stuff together for the Clark's this week, and I'll email you!
Have a great day!!!
P.S. We do some pics of Hayes!! ;) I know you're working on it!! She sounds like she's doing AWESOME!!! Yay!! I'm amazed by how much she's sleeping at night!! Rhys is up to 7 hrs since we've gotten him on formula and home from the hotel! :)

lindseykennedy said...

I love the hat! You have to come to Tusc. for a pool day. Hayes will love it since she loves the bath so much. I cant wait to see you all on Sunday!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Love the hat and can't wait to see pics of Hayes, the cousins and the baby dedication! Good luck with the inside! I know the feeling! You can do it! And if all else fails, remember- they are family!!

aedozier said...

Hey! I saw your question on my blog and thought I'd jump over an answer. The bunny pics came from Our New Baby in Dothan. I can't think of the artists' name though.
Can't wait to see more pics of Hayes!
Have a fun time with your sis and her kiddos.