Tuesday, October 20, 2009

4 Little Monkeys

Last week we had some visitors-our cousins came to town! They were out of school for fall break and decided to spend their time with us this year. We had a great time playing, eating, and being wild. We love when they visit and can't wait until they can come again!

This little monkey is 7 and is in 2nd grade.

This little monkey is 5 and is in kindergarten.

This little monkey is 3 and probably the wildest of the monkeys!

The is the baby monkey-almost 9 months old now. She just had bananas for the first time this morning. She did not know what to think. She ate the few pieces that she could get to her mouth. I feel like she eats so much baby food! I want to start moving her to table food soon so we're taking baby steps-bananas for now. It's so easy to count her fruits and vegetables each day with baby food so I'm worried that when she starts eating real food she won't get as much! Any suggestions?

Happy Tuesday!!


Tara said...

You won't believe this, but AK is already eating table food. She hasn't had baby food at school in two weeks! She demands to eat whatever the teachers are eating so they started feeding her some the meals the big kids get. (Not anything tough like chicken or other meats, just soft food). On her sheet we get that shows what she ate, when she napped, diaper changes, etc., I was laughing last week because she at dumplings from the chicken and dumplings one day and chicken pot pie the next, mashed potatoes, soft cubed carrots, bananas, cubed pears and peaches, and spagetti. She hasn't gagged or anything yet. Some babies have a sensitive gag reflex so you just have to watch them really close. I guess with the second one you just get more relaxed about everything because I wouldn't have dared tried it at this age with Brooks. I still give her some baby food for dinner if I feel like we don't have enough soft food for her. Good luck and have fun!!

Susannah said...

Cute pictures! Don't feel bad Anderson didn't start eating all table food until he was 14 months!! I know...but I was afraid he would choke. I have no suggestions, except for to start her young. Anderson loves zucchini raw, it's actually pretty good.

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

It sounds like you are doing everything right to me! Just keep her trying new things and don't be afraid to keep giving her foods even if she doesn't like them the first time.

Those sure are some cute Monkeys you had visiting there!!

ArtManWes said...

Hey, Amy! It was so good to see you and meet your beautiful little girl a few weeks ago. You have GOT to get on Facebook!